Sunday, March 18, 2012

500 years of history

As the story of the State of Florida begins its always the same way, “in 1513…”. But do we really understand how long ago that really was, or how early in America’s history book that goes, what does 1513 mean to me?

I’m glad you asked. In 1513, according to, England’s Henry 8th, while still married to his first (1 out of 6) wife, invades France and is victorious. And even while we think of Spanish Conquistadors roaming the world’s ocean at that time, in 1513 the Pacific Ocean is seen by a European for the first time, Vasco Balboa; (According to

So as you can see, we are talking way back into time, shortly after Christopher Columbus as a matter of fact. So it’s no wonder the 500th anniversary of that most blessed event, that we are excited to be a part of it.

At St Augustine’s Fountain of Youth we discovered there is a lot more to the story then just chasing eternal youth. There one learns of the indigenous peoples, Timucuan, of this area and their way of life as well as how Ponce and his navigator, Anton Alaminos, navigated around the globe with only the stars to tell them where they were. The Fountain of Youth’s in-depth and thorough research have helped us separate the myth from the men and gives us a  better perspective on the times in which they lived.

Come see the place where Christ first came to these shores. See where Spain, and all the Kings of Europe, turned their attention all those 500 years ago. Come to Saint Augustine, FL and learn about America’s true beginning. Come stay at the Inn on Charlotte and let us help you discover an all new world of travel hospitality.

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