Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update - Spain's Constitutional Monument

!!Update - The 450th Commission vists the monument on the day, March 19th, Spain signed their constitution. Read all abut it at the

St. Augustine city commissioners and members of the St. Augustine 450th Commemoration Federal Commission pose in front of St. Augustine's Constitution Monument on Monday afternoon, commemorating the 200 years since the Spanish Constitution was signed in Cadiz, Spain.

By DOUGLAS JORDAN, Special to The Record

Spain’s Constitutional Monument

The short-lived republic of Spain was founded almost 200 ago; and we in St Augustine FL have the last remnant of that glorious event. St Augustine has a monument to the Spanish Constitution!

Many people don’t know that Spain, for a short period of time, was a Constitutional Republic. And at its birth, monuments were erected in celebration of such a monumental achievement. Every town under Spain’s rule had an obelisk raised to show the world that Constitutional Republics were man’s best gift to his fellow man.

However, like most good things - and republics – Spain lost her Republic when King Ferdinand returned to power and abolished the constitution. The Spanish Constitution was only 2 years old at the time of its demise. What more, the King ordered all the monuments to be destroyed as well, to wipe any memory of the constitution away.

The thing is, by this time St Augustine was a part of the new United States of America and thus, her monument was not destroyed. So to this day, St Augustine Florida is the only place  in the world where you will find a monument to the Spanish Constitution. Come and see it for your self today and Stay at the Inn on Charlotte.

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