Monday, April 30, 2012

HMS Bounty

Wow! How exciting is it to see the original Bounty, sort of…

While I was telling our guests all about the new visitor to St Augustine, the HMS Bounty in full regalia, and how it is the original ship built for the 1962 Marlin Brando film about the English sailing ship…

But it was they, our guests who took me to school on the true original HMS Bounty, which sailed from their home town in England in 1784 as a coal ship called the Bethia. And they continued to tell me how in 1878 the British Admiralty who re-commissioned her HMS Bounty for a special mission half-way around the globe.

Okay, we don’t have the original, just the 1962 movie original ship – and all I can say is WOW! She is a ‘big-in’ as we say. How exciting to see such a magnificent vessel sail into the bay.

Read more about her journey and travels here, and come stay at the Inn on Charlotte to the second original HMS Bounty.

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