Friday, April 20, 2012

St Augustine Best Places to Retire in US

St Augustine is on the list of Best Places to Retire in US.

It’s no wonder that our little town is atop another Top Ten List; even if it’s only talking about retirement. But then retirement is no laughing matter these days. Those of you who have visited the Inn on Charlotte in beautiful St Augustine know what Robert Powell of MarketWatch already knows, and published here; that despite our huge number of visitors we are still a small town of circa 13,000. And now that the word is out there is no telling how many new folks will move in.

I like the other cities in the list, I really do. Most of them are in Florida, but I don’t like them as much as I like St Augustine. On the list is Asheville, NC – another big bed and breakfast (B&B) town; Naples, FL – The Venice of the south; Fort Myers, FL and Venice, FL (The other Venice of the south). The bottom-line in the article shows that not only location (Along the water somewhere) is important for retirees but also is the particular cities them-selves. All these cities have a strong sense of community.

But from what I can tell, most of St Augustine residents are transplants. Talk to anyone, and you will rarely talk to a born-and-raised St. Augustine-ers older than 30. That done not mean they aren’t here.

As we read about the history of our old city, we learn that new-comers to the city is nothing new. Way back, the Native Americans were kind enough to share the land with the Spanish. But after that, the city swapped ownership from Spanish to British, and back to Spanish. That would certainly clean out the city of long-term residents. Later in time, the stranded Minorca’s in New Smyrna found homes, and relief, in the old city. And finally, Henry Flagler started the Yankee winter migration over 100 years ago.

So come see the city named in more Top Lists than any other American city, and stay at the Inn on Charlotte. Who knows, you might fall in love, like so many others years before you, and relocate the 7th best place to retire to, in the US. (According to

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