Monday, May 7, 2012

Cafe Sol @ Brasileirissimo

Restaurant and Café Sol – Brasileirissimo on Aviles street, America’s oldest street, has just opened and we found it fun, festive, and unique! The street is already lively and picture perfect for dining - alfresco, and now there is this little gem on the south end.

While there are no other Brazilian restaurants in town, we thought we knew about Brazilian food. You know, the ones that pass meat around on a skewers  for you to choose from... but now we realized that we don’t know Brazilian food at all. How can this be?

Presented by Chef Solange with indoor and outdoor dining, the place has had some work done recently so the décor is fresh and clean. The staff is young, handsome, happy & upbeat, and most of all - attentive. All the makings of a place you want to return too again and again.

Since it was our first time, we tried a chicken ‘ball’ dish called, Coxinaha de Frango. Shredded chicken seasoned, rolled into a ball, battered and fried to a light crust, quite tasty. Our main dishes were chosen for their authenticity. Rod chose the Feijoada Completa, which we were told was a peasent meal, where you assemble basic ingredients into a delicious bowl of stew. I had the Linguica na Chapa, sausage and onions seared on a flat iron pan.

The food was fresh, seasoned right, and plentiful enough to take-home leftovers. So the Inn on Charlotte recommends the Restaurant and Café Sol; A wonderful addition to St Augustine’s cornucopia of fine dining.

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