Saturday, August 25, 2012

Romantic B&Bs and Cake

As romantic bed and breakfasts go, St Augustine is full of some of the finest in the nation. But one might ask, “What makes a superior romantic bed and breakfast?” That’s a good question, because there’s a lot going on in that one question. To be romantic in the first place, one needs to start with someone to love, some kind of reason to celebrate and of course the right environment. Let’s concentrate on the latter.

A romantic environment is made up of a city, and place to stay the night. And if the city is like a good cake; then where you stay is like the frosting. Yes, cake is good, but be truthful, some cakes are better than others. So the frosting carries a different weight with each cake.

Our cake, our city, is a deep, rich, delicious tall cake. It’s true, the city is so romantic that one could almost camp on the grounds of the National Monument, Fort San Marco, and still have the most romantic vacations one’s ever had. So, suffice it to say, a simple walk up and down St Augustine’s narrow brick-lined streets -  arm-in-arm with one’s sweet-heart, talking, laughing, to one another about nothing, about everything - can be one of the most powerful memories of romance one will ever have.

But cakes are naked without frosting, no matter how fabulously tall and delicious that cake is. So when one looks through the 30+ flavors of frosting, excuse me, the 30+ flavors of bed and breakfasts in the ancient city, you start to notice the differences. Most obvious is location. Walking up and down charming streets is one thing, schlepping back to you room after a long day is something else. So the right location of your Inn is paramount.

to be continued...

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