Monday, August 20, 2012

The INN On Charlotte - Casa Maya

UPDATE - Casa Maya

We brought you this article a while back when we fell in love with Casa Maya, but now we have an update with both good, and bad news!

The good news, they have moved across the street from their old location into the most beautiful old-style building. They have a huge courtyard for dining el fresco , a tasteful bar, plenty of in-door seating upstairs, and even a big balcony over looking Hypolita St! The menu is the same – thank God – but they have added a light and tasty ‘Happy Hour’ menu during the kitchen change-over (3:00 – 5:00 pm) and, they offer a 2-4-1 beer special during this time too!

So what’s the bad news? Well, it was St Augustine’s ‘dive’ restaurant. A place that was such a dichotomy of fabulous fresh food, but yet a quirky dining room where we could always squeeze in somewhere, and the young vibrant staff always there to greet you will a smile. It was a dive that we loved sending guests to, and having lunch there ourselves, at least once a week. But now it is a fine dining experience that everyone will enjoy and find irresistible – meaning, it will always be packed full of people loving Casa Maya's fresh menu, and we will not be able to get a table. What will we do now? ...Starve, no doubt.

Go ahead, go to the NEW CASA MAYA to see, and taste, for yourself how wonderful it truley is. Become a Fan on FaceBook too. We are so happy to see such a great success story during these hard times. Go Casa Maya!
Don’t worry about us; we will squeeze in at the bar. :) 
We had another amazing lunch at Casa Maya.  All of the locals know if this incredible place, and now it's catching on with visitors as well. 
Located at 17 Hypolita Street, just around the corner from The INN On Charlotte in Historic downtown St Augustine, Casa Maya has the tastiest Sangria, and freshest Guacamole, and most authentic Mayan cuisine in the Ancient City. 
They start by steeping the blooms of the hibiscus plant with berries and other sweet fruit to make a 'tea'. then pour over the red wine and apples and pears over the tea. You have to stir your drink to get the full effect. So you can always tell who the locals are - they are always poking and slurping at their sangria.
As you can see in the photo we had the Mayan Soup.  A fresh, simple soup, it's perfect for a light lunch. Again, the locals know to dig in the center of the bowl where they find the blob of cheese slowly melting.  Their casadillia's are wonderful and they serve a great breakfast as well.

Everything on the menu is authentic fresh Mayan cuisine.  Yum, Enjoy.

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