Saturday, October 6, 2012


There so many reasons to love St Augustine Florida and the First Friday Art Walk is just the beginning. Last night Team charlotte went out-on-the-town for the October 2012 Art walk - and for a special reason.

Last night, our Ann’s mother, Ms. Maria del Carmen GutiĆ©rrez, (Maricarmen, as she is known in St Augustine) was recipient of this year’s Best In Show at the 11th annual Tactile Art Show in downtown St Augustine FL. And, she was recipient of a special recognition award as well.
The night was such a delightful, and well deserved, evening out for the hard-working ‘Team Charlotte’ and the fact that Momma Mari receiving such a high honor was the fancy fringe on a beautiful pillow.

As most of you know, we are new to St Augustine. We have found that moving to a town with such a rich history and vibrant present full of important and influential people can make us feel like nobodies. As if all our accomplishments and people we knew back there had all vanished, and we had to start building a life again. Between work and work, sometimes it can feel like we have yet to fit in. But that all changed last night with the smiles and hugs and kisses we got from our dear friends.

Ann has always been very proud of her mother and spoke highly of her many accomplishments, talents, and skills so obviously we thought - extraordinary lady; but after last evening we can say first-hand, Ann was right on! After the Show, Maricarmen was kind enough to show Jerry the gallery on Charlotte Street (other side of Plaza) where she has some of her paintings – beautiful work – on display. They then walked through the narrow streets of the old city, Jerry listening about the years she worked in (She owned several shops, one on Hypolita St), and gave of herself to the city of St Augustine.(Read about her efforts for the City here)  In a short time, Jerry discovered that Maricarmen is as amazing as Ann has always told him.

Ann’s boyfriend was as charming as ever, and even Miss Ginny brought her boyfriend too. We all ended up at A1-Aleworks and laughed the evening away, agreeing that we should do this more often. St Augustine is now our home, and we love the city. Last night filled that home with fun friends, fine art, and good wine; sounds like the perfect evening no? We thought it was. Thank you.


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