Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 - Spainsh Heritage in St Augustine

This New Year brings new events and festivals. And in 2013 nothing is different. This year the entire state of Florida is proud to celebrate its Spanish heritage with the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s landing here on a St John’s County beach in search of riches for the Spanish crown.

There has been lots written, both for and against, the birth of the New World and all we can add is: We love the rich history that Spain brought to our shores. We hope that more Americans and Europeans take a trip to St Augustine Florida to see a different side of American History, the Non-English side that is.

From our early education here is America, it was the British this, the English that. It was not until we moved to Saint Augustine that our eyes opened. This is the city where they speak of the 15 colonies - not the 13 English ones ever history book talks about, and where slavery was not allowed - free blacks thrived, (as long as they were Catholics), the colony that was more a part of Caribbean than anywhere else in the new world, and the site where the British – for a brief time in history - gained a 14th colony in North America through the treaty of Paris.

So as this New Year unfolds, bring your loved one to St Augustine Florida and enjoy one of the yearlong events in celebration of Spanish Heritage. An when you do, be sure to make it the perfect romantic trip and stay with us at the Inn on Charlotte.

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