Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Ponce Turns 125

Okay, not The Juan Ponce de Leon. He's turning 500 this year - or at least his landing turns 500 years old this year. We are speak of the daddy of all fine and grand lodging in St Augustine, and the beginning of St Augustine – and Florida for that matter – becoming a premier destination for holidays and tourists, the Ponce de Leon Hotel built by Henry Flagler in 1888 for America’s finest, and most wealthy among us.


While today the wealthy are disparage, called names, accused of awful things and singled out by the government for special punishment; back in the day of The Ponce – as it was called - the wealthy were respected, revered, admired and imitated. Back then everyone wanted to work smart, be rich, and then gain respect. In other words, everyone wanted to be weathy - go figure.


In any case… after a quick visit years earlier, Henry chose St Augustine to be the ‘Newport of the South’ a place for America’s top 1% could spend winters is stead of Europe. So he built a world-class establishment – one that only Americans could build - to rival anything found around the world. He drew from America's  greatest minds to incorporated the latest technology and building techniques to erect the finest hotel in the world. He did not stop there, he build another hotel before taking the railroad south, all the way to Key West.


So in this New Year, come enjoy some of the wonderment of American greatness, and exceptionalism - or at least the dawn of such a time. Be sure to bring your honey to St Augustine Florida and enjoy the 125th celebration of American wealth heritage, and when you do, be sure to stay with us at the Inn on Charlotte.

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