Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Way to Travel St Augustine

Edu-Travel, what a great idea. From studying wine in California or learning to cook in Provence France, apparently Baby Boomers are attracted to this new style of travel. A vacation where you learn something. Sure Boomers have the time and income to travel more, we all get that, but according to Travel Industry Wire, who cites the CDC's Audience Insights, Boomers are interested in expanding their interests and knowledge.

All this makes perfect scenes to us, because as we age, we want to know more experience more and improve those things we think we can do. So it’s only natural that we travel to, or in conjunction with, these pursuits. Take St Augustine for instance. Even before we owned a bed and breakfast here we loved visiting the old city. We’ve been coming here for years, and each year we found the city had something to share, or teach us.

First thing we learned while traveling to St Augustine was its historic roots as the new world. First Ponce de Leon in 1513, 500 years ago this year by-the-way, and years later Admiral Pedro Menendez in 1556 establishing the first European colony to make it on this continent. The history of this little city keeps going through to the Gilded-age of the Ponce de Leon Hotel. Surely Henry Flagler’s finest accomplishment – beside his time at Standard Oil where he created the legal device called a Trust that saved corporations from having to incorporate in each and every state they did business in – this one-time world class hotel turns 125 years old this year. It now serves as Flagler College.

St Augustine also offers countless number if shops and restaurants that delight travelers each and every day. Gone are the days that we remember of nothing but hamburgers and hotdogs to choose from. Now the city has a full array of restaurants with taste and style, like a world-class French bistro, Yucatan fresh inspired, and even gourmet popsicles and fudge.

So Edu-Travel or Edu-Vacation yourself to the oldest European colony in America, St Augustine and stay at the Inn on Charlotte where history and hospitality come together over a glass of wine.

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