Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top B&B Destination

Florida wants to be the planet’s top destination for tourism, and why not. 

According to an article about Florida’s tourism on skift.com, the sunshine state has big plans to take-over the planet. Well, for the planet’s top tourist destination anyway. And why not, we have a heads start, we have the friendliest people, best bed and breakfast, and we need the work- and tax dollars - so now the state has the budget.

Florida, the 27th state, is busy this year celebrating the 500th, or quincentennial, anniversary of its founding, again (for lovers of indigenous-peoples), by the Spaniard Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513. But that’s not all the state is up to. Our state government, and our governor, want to make it the most popular tourist destination on the planet.

Big goal? You bet. But not so out of reach according to Visit Florida CEO, Will Seccombe who thinks we are in the ideal place to make it happen. Depending on the way you measure, the kings of travel destinations to be dethroned are California and France. And Will says that with our “…embarrassment of riches,” in so many different types of tourism like, 825 miles of beaches, fishing capital, golf paradise, and home to motor sports, not to mention theme parks, cruise lines, state parks, and of course, the oldest continually inhabited European founded city in the new world… we are already at the top of the heap.

With $75m being committed to the Visit Florida budget for 2013-14 year (39% increase) it’s one of the few budget items getting a boost. But since the economic down-turn it’s been the hospitalist industry, that supports tourism, that has helped Floridians get by.

St Augustine is the best b&b destinations in FL, and now everyone will know. So book your room at the Inn on Charlotte today, before we are sold out.

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