Saturday, February 16, 2013

Travel Together Strengthens Relationships

It’s something that bed and breakfast goers have always known, traveling together, strengthens relationships. But now we have the study to prove it. According to the US Travel Association study, couples prefer taking short trips together, over receiving gifts. Imagine that. And as the study shows there is good reason for this, romance.

Not surprisingly the study found that traveling together also sparks romance. And better romance at that! It could be, according to the study, be because when traveling together, there is more time being intimate. AKA: More time for just the two of you. In other words, Intimate time together leads to romance. Now the trick is to find a place that has a lot of great intimate places to spend time together.

Like her sister cities of Savannah, GA Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC St Augustine is full of little intimate places, spaces, and venues to discover the essence of the city, and to rediscover each other. So it’s only natural that travelers who wonder where the best place to stay in St Augustine, or what’s the most romantic place to stay in St Augustine, will end up choosing an intimate place.

And what better place to have this intimate time together but at a bed and breakfast? Romantic inns, as we call them in St Augustine (it’s easier to say, and type) are one of the things this city is known for. In St Augustine there is no excuse for not staying at an Inn. With Over 30 of them to choose from in the little space the city takes up, there is a place for every price point and taste.

Now that you have the study and all the proof you need, look at the Inn on Charlotte, book your room today, and start your romantic sparks today.

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