Wednesday, April 17, 2013

500 TripAdvisor Reviews and Growing

St Augustine bed and breakfast, the Inn on Charlotte, has reached 500 reviews on TripAdvisor; which is quite an accomplishment here in the oldest city. There are only 2 other B&Bs out of the 30+ bed & breakfasts in St Augustine that have reached that number.

Out of all the travel advice sites on the internet, TripAdvisor is the most important, when it comes to St Augustine. Other sites are good for finding thing to do and see in the ancient city; but to get an honest review of an Inn, hotel, bed & breakfast, or restaurant, there’s nothing better than TripAdvisor.

So before you book your room at a bed and breakfast, or make reservations at that fancy restaurant, or stay at a swanky hotel, check TripAdvsor for guest’s honest reviews of these establishments.

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