Friday, April 26, 2013

Discovery - Package $89

This package gets you started on a journey of understanding St Augustine and its singular place in our nation's history.  This Package includes:

The Old Town Trolley not only gives you the Reader’s Digest version of St Augustine’s history from Ponce to King (over 400 years), it also transports you around town for 3 days, you can get on and off as you please, and it has the ‘beach bus’ that will take you out to the Lighthouse, Allagator Farm and, of couse, the beach.

The Fountain of Youth Park to see, as well as taste, the waters at the location where Ponce de Leon landed here in 1513. But the park is so much more than just the waters. Also learn how Pedro Menendez, and Juan Ponce de Leon before him, found their way to and from Spain all the way to NE Florida using only the stars to guide them in the park’s Planetarium.

The park also has ongoing Archaeological digs to learn more about Ponce, Menendez, and the indigenous peoples who lived here, as well as there is a living Native American village on the grounds too.

*Package price is an addition to room rate.

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