Friday, April 5, 2013

Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

We think the term ‘Pet Friendly’ is loaded. Think about it, if a bed and breakfast doesn’t have a place for pets to play, and do their business, then the bed and breakfast simply cannot accommodate them, right? No matter being friendly or not, they cannot accommodate them. The good news is there are several bed and breakfasts that have lawns, parks, and plenty of space for your pets. So let’s make sure you choose the right bed and breakfast for you and your pet.

First things first, St Augustine requires you to pickup after your pets. Now I know some folks just scratched their heads because they did not understand what that means. It means that we are in a place where disease, germs, and virus can spread quickly. There are thousands of visitors to St Augustine each day, and hundreds have pets. On top of that, we are in a very small area which can create – as it did throughout history – the perfect place for bad things to spread fast. You will be tickets by the police, or stoned by the residents, if you do not pickup your pets’ mess.

Second, Google Maps is your friend. If you see the Inn on Charlotte, there on a tight lot in downtown St Augustine you will see 300 yards to get to a green-space, the bay from or fort grounds. That’s not Pet friendly. Also, several Inns of Elegance, which the Inn on Charlotte is one, accepts pets. They have parks or parkways across the street, what’s pet friendlier than that!

But in any case, come to St Augustine, stay at a bed and breakfast, and enjoy your stay in the city with your best friend.

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