Friday, May 24, 2013

Voyage of El Galeon

Viva Florida celebrates 500 years of Florida’s history and culture. It continues this goal with the sailing of the El Gale’on, a 170 foot long, 495 lbs., replica of a 16th century vessel that were used in early colonial times. It sailed into St Augustine's Bay this week

Come and see, El Galeón as it stops in St Augustine while it sails the historic route similar to to that of explorer Juan Ponce de León’s 500 years ago. It’s big it’s beautiful and you have got to see it. Tours last throught June 9th.

What’s more historic than seeing a ship that Spanish Conquistadors(video) would have sailed in, while exploring the new western horizon 500 years ago?

What’s more romantic then traveling with the one you love who would like to see the ship, and staying at St Augustine’s best bed and breakfast.

So make it the best of both worlds, in the new world, while seeing a slice of the old world. Come to St Augustine, stay at the Inn on Charlotte, and see the El Gale’on. Perfect.

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