Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best of the best - Guests at the Inn on Charlotte

We were blessed when we were given the opportunity to become the Innkeepers of the Inn on Charlotte in sunny St Augustine Florida. But we had no idea how wonderful the guests would be, an we have truly been amazed.

Okay, not everyone is a good match for the Inn on Charlotte, we understand that, but the vast majority of guests are really interesting and friendly people who, when they return to the Inn on Charlotte, are genuinely happy to see us. If one of us are not there, they ask, “Will we see... [pick your favorite] this time? We really enjoyed talking with them last time.”

And it’s also a fact, that we look forward to seeing them again 
and spending a little more time with them too. And after 3 or 4 visits, the guests of Inn on Charlotte become friends of us all. So if you want the best bed and breakfast experience, or best b&b, or best B & B, (whichever way you search for it) Take a look at the Inn on Charlotte.

If you choose not to book with us, we understand, not every guest is a good match for the Inn on Charlotte, but we have been hard pressed to find them. Come see the city, eat the food, drink the wine, but when you come to St Augustine Florida, say at at a friend's place, the Inn on Charlotte.

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