Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Romantic Bed & Breakfast

Love is in the air, and the Inn on Charlotte is the bed and breakfast for you. 

We can’t explain the power that the Inn on Charlotte has over it’s guests, but each morning when we talk to our guests about their night, they stop, look at one another, and smile, even blush sometimes, before we clarify with a follow-up question, “Dinner, where did you eat dinner last night, and was it good?” After chuckles all around, we got a description of what can only be classified as “The most romantic evening ever”.

Yes, it’s true that here in St Augustine that we have charming streets full of cute little places to discover together; and yes, it’s true that the music ubiquitous and varied throughout the town; and it’s true, moonlit walks on the bay-front take a romantic evening right over the top. But does that mean that 
everyone who stays at the Inn on Charlotte has to have a good time? Well according to our conversations each morning with our guests, the answer is, yes.

And this is not just a youthful endeavor. We have couples ranging from ‘just met’, (internet hook up) to couples who has been together for 20, 30, 40, plus years, where - for those of you in these long-term relationship know - it’s hard to discover something new together.

So whether you want to enjoy the History of St Augustine, or whether you want to reconnect with the one you love, the Inn on Charlotte is the place to stay, and fall in love all over again.

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