Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Perfect Time to Visit

When is the perfect time to visit St Augustine? Is it when the streets are full of tourists out of the Northeast, or when the locals flood into town?

We think neither; we say NOW is the best time to see St Augustine. With shorter lines, better rates and all the same attractions open and running summer specials, this is the time for bargain hunters to come visit St Augustine.

Oh sure, it gets a bit hot during mid-day and yes, in the afternoon there is always a passing shower. But now that you know these things, you can adjust accordingly. For instance, start your day early, right after breakfast go to the outside attractions like the FortAlligator farm & Light houseColonial Quarter. But then as it gets hot, find a nice shopping mall along St George St to cool off in. Then, before the showers roll in, find a cute little pub to lunch at. There is the Price of WalesRendezvousMeehan's, or the locals fav Ann O'Malley's.

Once the sun returns in the late afternoon, you will notice the streets are a little less crowded, but steamy, muggy, and hot - a good time for afternoon knap.  And you will need the knap, because as the evening comes, so does the breeze. You will want to be fully rested for the evening's festivities. With more live music per/capita any where in the world, we are sure we read that somewhere, you will be hard pressed to choose which location to listen. But then there are less folks, better seats, and specials to be had.

Book your room at the Inn on Charlotte today to experience St Augustine at it's best, NOW, the perfect time to visit St Augustine.

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