Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Reason To Skip The Diet

Each year at this time we think of going on a diet, but enviably there is something to tempt us away from our goal. Namely, the Flavors of the First Coast held each year when the weather gets great and the outdoor tables can be used again! And with Flavors of the First Coast participating restaurants have Prix Fixe (Flat-rate to you and me) meals, most under $40, that make it as easy on your wallet, as your pallet.

This year is even more exciting with the addition new owners of the Old City House Restaurant and Inn. Juan Solana has raised the stakes for fine dining in St Augustine with Chef Jacob Baster who’s pushing the limits on what passed for excellence in dining.

They have leaped on the scene as one of St Augustine’s premiere restaurants that offer an inviting cocktail lounge, as well as a comfortable, quiet, dining room. It’s hard to describe the menu to Old City House because we always get the Chef’s Specials. And we are never disappointed.

So the other standard-bearers of culinary perfect in town like the Tasting RoomCollageLa PentolaBistro de Leon better lookout. The stakes just got higher, and tastier too, with the addition of Juan Solana at Old City House! So stop by during this year’s Flavors of the First Coast and see what they have to offer your diet.

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