Friday, November 29, 2013

Busy Christmas Season Dec 7th

Saturday, December 7 will be a busy day in downtown  

 The St. Augustine Christmas Parade

Start time: 10:00am / Finish time: 11:30am (approximately).
Expect congestion along San Marco Ave. south of May St. after 7:30am.

Parade route

Start at Mission Nombre de Dios, then south on San Marco Ave., S. Castillo Dr/Avenida  Menendez; west on Cathedral Pl.; north on Cordova St. to end at Visitors Information Center.

Detour route starting at approximately 9:15am

* King St. will be two-way.
* Eastbound on King St. will turn south on Avenida Menendez or cross Bridge of Lions.
* Westbound across the Bridge of Lions will proceed westbound on King Street.
* Northbound on Avenida Menendez will turn west on King St.
* Southbound on San Marco Ave. will turn west on San Carlos to U. S. 1.


For more information about the St. Augustine Christmas Parade, call 904.824.4997.

The British Nightwatch

Start time: 7:30pm / Finish time: 9:00pm (approximately).

Parade route (walking)

Starting from the City Gate, south on St. George St., then circle Plaza by moving east on King St., north on Charlotte St., west on Cathedral Pl., then north on St. George St.; west on Hypolita St.; north on Spanish St.; east on Orange St. to City Gate; and then south on St. George St. returning to Government House.

Street closure and traffic interruptions

St. George St. between Cathedral Pl. and King St. will be closed during the event.  Intermittent traffic interruptions will be necessary on Cathedral Pl. and King Street in the  vicinity of the Plaza and on Orange St. in the vicinity of the City Gate.

Congested area

Pedestrian traffic around the Plaza will be heavy throughout the event and along the parade route. Public is advised to avoid the area unless involved with the parade.


For more information about the British Nightwatch, call 904-829-5318.

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