Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 3 Restaurants in St Augustine

One of the most important jobs a bed and breakfast owner in St Augustine, or just about anywhere for that matter, is recommending a good restaurant.  And getting it right, is critical.  We are fortunate to have some great go-to locations that are locally owned, locally operated, locally sources, and just downright good.

Here are the Inn on Charlotte's Top 3 (in no particular order) recommended restaurants in St Augustine for a fine dining experiences:

1) Collage – 60 Hypolita St
Mike and Cindy take as much pride in their product, and their guests comfort, as we at the Inn on Charlotte take in ours. Some of the big favorite dished are: Appetizer Lamb Lollipops,  Seafood Black baked Group and Lobster Ravioli. But check-out the entire menu. You cannot go wrong with anything here. Hint: Make reservations! It’s a small, intimate dining room, but it fills up fast.

2) La Pentola – 56 Charlotte St
Not only are Susan and Gorge’ neighbors of the Inn on Charlotte, they love to explore new culinary possibilities. Starting from a ‘Continental’ (European) foundation, they then take those traditional dishes to new heights utilizing local seafood and locally grown vegetables! They have a wonderful wine-list and you can dine el fresco in their intimate courtyard dining area.

3) Old City House – 115 Cordova St
It’s hard enough for restaurants to make it in this town, and being the new kids on the block would make it even harder for most; but these kids have sky-rocked to the top with their hospitality, creativity, and reasonable prices, and… a full bar with quality small-batch spirits! Juan and Christopher recently purchased the restaurant with a bed and breakfast attached, and has turned them both into one of the city best. We only recommend the restaurant for obvious reasons :)
So if you are planning a trip to St Augustine for a special occasion or for just the heck-of-it, and if you want to know dine at the best, of the best, in St Augustine, make your reservations at one (or all three) of these restaurants before you arrive.  And book your room at the Inn on Charrlote.

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