Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa vs. 3 Kings

The theme for this year’s St Augustine Historic Bed and Breakfast Christmas Tour is, Christmas Around the World, and the Inn on Charlotte thought it was only natural that we pick Spain; the roots of it all in St Augustine. And for those of you who don’t know, they don’t celebrate jolly old St Nickolas – or Santa as we called him when we were young – rather, children in Spain are all about the Three Kings, and how many gifts will be left in their shoes, left out in anticipation of the Kings arrival.

If you we like us, we called them the 3 wise men, but I guess that was the Anglo point of view. Classic reading called them King, and in Spain that stuck. The three Kings were the first gift barriers, and our lord, Jesus Christ was the first child to receive their gifts. It’s only natural that we would continue such a fun and cheerful tradition, to give gifts to the children as the Kings had given the Christ child.

So this year as you wait for the fat Santa to shimmy down your chiming to leave presents under a tree, stop, pause and think about the baby Christ and the original Christmas, with the original gifts, coming from the original gift-givers… the 3 Kings.

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