Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Team Charlotte - The Best

Thank you

As we wrap-up the year 2013, we would like to thank everyone who made our continued success possible. Running a business in St Augustine, FL is not easy and it's not for the weak-kneed. It takes hard work, dedication, attention to detail, hospitality, and teamwork. So this article is dedicated to the ladies of 'Team Charlotte' who have consistently performed above and beyond expectations.

Sister Ann, our Ann, whatever we call her, she is our Rock. Like Mary Popins, she was a blessing that showed-up on our door step when we needed her most. She has brought a passion for the guests, creativity, and care to her duties that allows us to rely on her for mid-week relief.  She tells us that she likes having the place, and the guests, to herself when the others are getting a well deserved mid-week dayoff.  She brings a zest for life that we all look forward to every week, and we are blessed to have her with us.

Ginny-bug, our Ginny, with her new baby-bug, is unique, bight, kind, smart, and hard working. We were blessed a second time when we placed a Craig’s List ad for extra help – and we got Ginny.  She brightens any room she walks in with just a smile, and she’s great with guests. Everyone takes in Ginny as their little sister, or the daughter, they have always wanted.  And she’s got the eye’s of a hawk! Not a speck of dust gets past her sharp eyes. We are blessed to have her and we can’t wait to meet her new member of the family.

With all that we have done this year we wanted to let the special ladies of Team Charlotte know that we are thankful for their efforts and that we feel blessed to have them in our lives.  They make our guests’ stay at the Inn on Charlotte what they remember, for year to come. We hope they understand what they mean to us.    
Rod and Jerry

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