Friday, January 3, 2014


Two major events, in just as many years, will come to St Augustine Florida. 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act and the 450th anniversary of our city’s founding. Both are worth a return visit to the Inn on Charlotte for a romantic stay when here to learn about each.

Just across the street from the Inn on Charlotte is the Hilton, which is where Martin Luther Ling was arrested when he was in St Augustine. The thoughtful thing is, the builders preserved the actual stairs where they cuffed him. There is a placard inscribed with the significant on the place and worth a moment to reflect.

There are also a couple more modern monuments. Like a monumnet for the unknown foot solders of the fight, meant to spotlight all the everyday folks that took a roll in changing the nation.

And there are also the actual steps that Ambassador Andrew Young walked when they marched on the Plaza. He was in town a couple years back when they used his foot prints and stride, to make the unique commemorative.
So the next time you come to St Augustine for a romantic bed and breakfast in St Augustine fl, or even the best b & b in St Augustine, the Inn on Charlotte,  take some time to study these important monuments that depict a more a recent battle in the old city, during the civil rights war.

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