Friday, January 31, 2014

Do bed and breakfast rooms have bathrooms?

We recently read that there are more and more of the traveling folks that trying bed and breakfasts for the first time each and every day. And as Inn owners we have seen this trend in actual practice. And as such, these first-time guests are pleasantly shocked and surprised to have private bathrooms in their uniquely decorated room, a great 2-course breakfasts in the morning, a wine social hour in the evening where they can meet fellow Inn guests, and they are genuinely ask, “why didn’t I know about this better way to stay?”  So we think it was time to address a few questions about bed and breakfasts.

The first question is always, “Do your rooms have their own bathroom?” and we understand why this is, it’s a perfectly natural question. Because many of us have heard storied from friends going to a bed and breakfast abroad, in Europe, where it’s common for travelers to have only one bathroom to share with many other rooms. (Travel hint: The higher the price the less rooms there will be sharing the same bath.) But in America, like most other things, we want better and we demand better, and so we get better.  The over whelming majority (not all) of bed and breakfast rooms in America have their own bathroom, it’s what you’ve come to expect, and it’s what we all try to deliver.  But it’s always good to confirm in the room photographs. (Look you the bathroom door in the room pics.)

After that, questions abount bed and breakfasts break-down into all sorts of questions. “Do they serve breakfast? What kind of breakfast do they serve? When is breakfast available? Do they change for WI FI?  Do they have parking? Do they charge for parking?  Does my room door have a lock?  And each and every one of these questions all have the same answer… it depends.  No, seriously, it does. But that’s the beauty of doing B&Bs. Each and every bed and breakfast is different. One never knows what to expect, there are tons of unknowns. But each bed and breakfast has a basic set of amenities. Let’s look at some of these.

It’s obvious that ‘Bed and Breakfast’ implies you should expect a private room, with a bed, a lock on the door, a bathroom (as we mentioned), and some kind of breakfast in the morning.  But what more can a first-time bed and breakfast guest expect?  Well how about a parking space for your car when you arrive, and some refreshments – if only chilled water, a moderate climate - iether a central system, or otherwise, coffee & tea in the morning - and on request. But beyond this, it’s really all up to the property you choose.  But that’s the attraction, each bed and breakfast, each room for that matter, is totally unique.  Some will have TVs in the rooms, some don’t; some will have wine-social hour, and some don’t; breakfast comes as buffet, continental, or served to you at your table. It all depends on the bed and breakfast.

But whatever the amenities on the property are, or the room amenities, or the size of rooms, quality of the wine served, whatever, as long as you travel with the one you love, each and every bed and breakfast will be an adventure, a romantic adventure you can share with the one you love forever. Your stay might be perfect, or not so much, but either way, it will be an adventure with the one you love.  So do your research and book your room at a bed and breakfast today.

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