Monday, February 3, 2014

Great News for the Northeast Corridor

Frontier Airlines, this spring, will start server to NE Florida regional airport in St Augustine FL! And if you haven’t seen the seat prices, the news gets even better. This could not be a better time for folks in the NE and for St Augustine too. With St Augustine’s 450th Anniversary celebration just around the corner, the annual migration of snow-birds that her occurred every year since the time of Henry Flagler, can continue, but at greatly reduced costs.

What can be better than a direct flight to St Augustine from Princeton NJ? Make that flight a round-trip for about $100 that’s how; and Frontier is the only airline to do it. Starting in May 2014, they will be doing direct flights from Trenton NJ to St Augustine (Ponte Verde) Florida Regional Airport. And we could not think of a better route to relaxation and romance.

With just a taxi ride to your bed and breakfast, you save the cash of a rental car. Why, you might ask yourself?  Because there are over 100 restaurants, 200 shops, and 100 bars within walking distance of you B&B, that’s why.  St Augustine is one of those rare places where you can go and see everything by just walking to it.  Over 448 years ago, Spain sent Pedro Menendez here to create a lasting colony and, boy did he succeed! Because now it’s America’s oldest and longest inhabited city. Yes, about 90 years before the Plymouth Colony… Don’t get us started.

And with the flight schedule we saw, Frontier Airlines makes it easy to save even more money by utilizing Mid-Week stays.  Like Cape May, Key West, Savannah, and other great ‘adult orientated’ towns, St Augustine is always full each and every weekend.  It’s just the way it is. (Tip: Book your room way ahead of time, if you are coming on a weekend.)  But with cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville so close and within driving distance, its a given that weekends are fully booked. On top of that, the fact that Floridians love to have a great time, its no wonder St Augustine fills up every weekend. So mid week rates are much more reasonable. And with Frontier Airlines making it easy to come in and out within the week, you save on your hotel rates. But we suggest a bed and breakfast. After all, with over 24 in town, there is one just right for the two of you.

Let’s recap: Frontier Airlines gets you here for about $100. Taxi to B&B for about $15/$20 with tip, mid-week rates at your favorite bed and breakfast… leaves plenty of left-over cash for restaurants.  St Augustine has a young, vibrant, restaurant scene with the locally owned, locally sourced, freshest seafood, and most unique locations, ever seen. What about bars? Yes we have bars; not nightclubs, which you can get at home. But if you’re looking for intimate, one of a kind, made just for you, kind of place, welcome to St Augustine. From Irish pubs, to cigar bars, to beer gardens, wine-shopsEnglish pubRocker-biker bar, the best American Legioncraft beer bars, each with their own style and music at night.

Does this sound like the getaway you’ve needed for a while? Then contact Frontier Airlines, for a flight, then check St Augustine Historic Inns for a bed and breakfast just right for you, and let your innkeeper, and your feet, direct you to your new favorite places in NE Florida. Come discover what the Spanish already knew, over 400 years ago, that there is no place like St Augustine Florida.

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