Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where is the most romantic place in St Augustine?

That’s a question we get a lot from newlyweds to folks enjoying an anniversary, guests want to know where they can go for a romantic dinner, romantic walk, romantic glass of wine, and we are happy to share our opinions.  But it can be hard with so many to choose from. From the historic to the charming, from the natural to the meaningful, there are just so many places in St Augustine for couples, looking for a romantic place, to go.

The fort (Castillo de San Marcos) is very impressive, and used when a man wants to show the strength of his commitment. This solid coquina structure has withheld invasions and sedges and it’s been here for over 200 years.  If he takes you here, he’s trying to say, ‘My commitment is like this fort, here so stay, like my love’.

Then there is the super-romantic sunset sail on the 72’ schooner Freedom is her way of saying, ‘No matter where life takes us, we go together.’  It’s the sailing at the whims of the wind that brings you together and slows you down from the hectic world around you.  It’s the ideal place to be still, breath, and listen to your hearts beat as one.

The street of St Augustine cannot be forgotten. One of the most romantic aspects of the city is all the little romantic streets and alleyways all up and down our little historic downtown.  It’s a great place to get lost in one another, sharing ideas, discovering likes and dislikes, and finding little shops and restaurants for new memories.  There is nothing like a glass of wine, pint of beer, or a tasty nibble at the cutest little place to make a life-time memory.

So whether you are newly met and flush with the idea of a new life together, or enjoying your 40th anniversary of a lasting and devoted love; come to St Augustine and celebrate your love, your passion, your romance here in the world’s most romantic city. Who needs Paris when St Augustine is this close, and this affordable, but mostly because it’s you who make it the most romantic place in the world. Come and see why.

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