Monday, March 3, 2014

The Best Weather for Spring Vacation

It’s well documented that that Florida has the best spring weather for vacationers, and this year will not be different.  Well before Henry Flagler built his world-class luxury hotel, the Ponce de Leon, folks have been flocking to Florida for better weather and relaxing times.  So it’s no wonder that we are still enjoying the same great weather and good times.

St Augustine Florida is perfectly situated for the best spring vacation weather with it’s sandy beaches, and it’s small narrow streets, no matter what mother-nature sends our way, vacationers have the perfect location to enjoy the day.

Even though the old city is on the Matanzas River, only one street off the bay-front, you would not know there was a hard breeze blowing. Similarly, when one is enjoying a warm day on the beach getting some sun, it will be the little streets of St Augustine that will call you out, for a great evening of music and food.

So when you choose your Spring break vacation, or even just a well deserved vacation, place St Augustine on your list of places to come for beaches, restaurants, and the best music venues on the east coast.  We are waiting for you.

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