Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We have a new neighbor Hemingway House B&B

Hemingway house bed and breakfast Inn has moved in next door, that’s right and many of our followers know that already. But did you know he was married 4 times in his long illustrative life?

It’s true, and we would have not known this piece of interesting historic information if it wasn’t for our new friend, Cherry, with Budget Blinds St Augustine (Really good folks if you are looking for options for window treatments). She and husband Terry installed the shutters at Hemingway house bed & breakfast in St Augustine, and over a beer (or 2) at a post-installation celebration at Meehan’s back-yard, she began to tell us the story of each wife.

It was when she was finishing-up on wife number 4, that we were convinced that there was no other choice but to name the 4 rooms at the new bed and breakfast after his ex-wives.  And no one else more suited for writing those descriptions, than Cherry herself.   It took little convincing, and she took-on the project with gusto. Weeks later we had our room names and our room descriptions complete and ready for publishing.

We loved her way balancing story-telling with information conveyance; so much so you would think she is a web content manager with her word craft.  Here is what I mean, with the room number 1, called Hadley after his first wife, she pulls you into each person…

“Hadley Richardson was not expecting to live the life of a spinster at the age of 28. Even more unexpectedly so was what led her to this life. Her marriage to Earnest Hemingway that forever named Hadley his first wife. Hadley Richardson had several worthy traits; noted for her intelligence and quick wit, while still remaining a bit timid due to a dominating mother. 

So now when you see our neighbor’s ( room names: HadleyPaulineMartha, and Mary Welch, you will know where we got the inspiration and description of these names. And if there is no more rooms available at the Inn on Charlotte, always remember that we have a great new neighbor with fresh rooms, and where each room has covered baloneys, and most important – on-site parking. Help us welcome the Hemingway house B&B to the great Inns of St Augustine Florida. A perfect new neighbor on Charlotte street.

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