Thursday, August 28, 2014

Florida’s Second Spring

Locals know, and visitors are learning, that Florida has a second spring. Yup, it does. Each year after summer’s sweltering heat a breeze arrives to North Florida and works its way all the way down to Miami by New Years.  But it’s in North Florida, or St Augustine to be particular, that the second spring begins.

So St Augustine’s first spring is filled with tourists from the NE getting out of the cold, and heading for the sun and surf of Florida. But in the fall, when the breeze returns, the tourists – for the most part – don’t. So locals know that if they want to enjoy St Augustine and all the restaurants, shops, and bars without lines, this is the time to visit.

In late September, early October, a cool (70s) breeze rolls into town and renders every porch a magnet for sitting and loving the weather. It’s true, visitors see all these great porches when they visit, but its only in the spring (both of them) do you see them full of fun-seekers.

So if you are looking to get away for a romantic weekend in the next couple months, just the two of you, think of St Augustine and our second spring.  Lighter crowds, shorter lines, and better rates are just the beginning to your memorable stay.  Look to North Florida and it’s second spring for your next getaway with the one you love. Think of St Augustine, the most romantic city in America, and of course think of Inn on Charlotte and her perfect porches too.  See you soon at Inn on Charlotte.

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