Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Romantic Getaways Still Exist

No, seriously it’s true. With the world in turmoil and the economy is the crapper (Sorry, Grandpa’s word), our mind begins to turn to our loved-ones. We begin to focus on our blessings and then after God, come our ‘honey-bunny’, family, communities, and so on. So it’s no wonder we need a romantic getaway, but how to find one that we can afford?

While we don’t think of war-torn middle-east as the romantic destination; when European cities seem to erupt in violence without warning, and when you think of a drug-cartel in the same view of a secluded South American beach, it’s difficult to find just the right place. Where can we find the best romantic getaway destination? Where might it be?

When thinking about a need to travel somewhere safe, romantic, affordable, but also be the perfect getaway, our thoughts keep bringing us back to St Augustine, Florida. Yeah, right here in Florida; hear us out.

Not only is it close, but it does not require a passport. Its North Florida location helps avoid sweltering heat of South Florida. It’s North American’s ONLY European city.  It’s true, founded by the Spanish, forgotten by the world, avoided by a young America, (Tallahassee her capital?) it’s unlike any other old city in North America.  Cities like Savannah, Charleston, Annapolis, and Boston… these are all English cities. If you’ve never seen a European city, that’s a great reason (to begin with) to visit.

You put on top of that, the best valued Bed and Breakfasts in the country, top-notch hotels, chef-owned and operated restaurants, unique shops… but wait until after dark. It’s safe, relaxing, and a combatable stroll to a myriad of the best free music on the east-coast. It’s just a matter of walking until you like what you hear, then work your way inside.

St Augustine is the park-it and forget-it destination. Not many drive-able destinations are as walk-able as out little city. With narrow little streets designed more for pedestrians then cars, this city is not too big, yet not too small.  And the many B&B s have on-site (or nearby) complementary parking, some have a wine social hour, and most have great coffee and breakfast each morning. No matter which one you choose, all add to the value of your visit to St Augustine.

So don’t be worried about your European-style, value minded, romantic getaway, come to the country’s oldest and most romantic destination, St Augustine Florida.

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