Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Folks You Meet

We have guests tell us all the time, “This is our first bed and breakfast.” And we are so happy to hear that. It means that more and more are finding the fun-loving and alternative to Hotels that B & Bs offer.  And there is more to it; there is also something about the people who stay at bed and breakfasts, they seem different.

What we learned all those years ago, when we discovered B&Bs, is the other guests are not like most other people. They are the most interesting, unique, and fun-loving, people you have ever met.  And we found that staying at a bed and breakfast was more than just the Inn you choose; it is meeting the other guests that made the visit memorable.

We learned more from sitting and chatting with other guests than we ever did from the Innkeeper. But don’t get us wrong; Innkeepers have a wealth of information, if you need to know about getting stains out of your laundry, cooking breakfast for 16 people (all at the same time), and choosing the best linens, sure we are full of useful information. But when it comes to the worldly and wisdom of well traveled and more importantly, well tried people; nothing beats B&B guests.

So if you ever thought about trying a bed and breakfast for the first time, and were not sure if it was right for you, think about what small group of people would you like to spend some time with? Would you like to stay with unimaginative folks at a Hotel, or with the best kind of folks you will ever meet at a bed and breakfast? You make the call, we have the room. See you soon at the Inn on Charlotte.

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