Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fiesta de Aviles 2014

Living in the USA’s oldest city is not only romantic but it’s also a constant adventure. And next month’s Fiesta de Aviles is just one example of adventure in St Augustine. This coming October 4th and 5th will be the 4 annual celebration of the country’s oldest street, Aviles (Av-a-lees) Street. The Fiesta de Aviles is hosted by the Aviles Street Merchants association and includes all those things needed to make a fiesta: music, food, shopping, art, dancing, and running of the human bulls. Yes, bulls!

On Saturday the 4th the couples who attend the Fiesta will see dramatic Flamenco Dancers and a colorful Brazilian Tropicana show; as well as, hear the Jazzland All Stars and Luis Mario play passionately. And then early in the afternoon there will be a ‘human running of the bulls’. We’ve never seen one of these, but it sound like a fun competition between strong young men running to impress there would be lovers and so obviously, we are looking forward to seeing that.

On Sunday the casual fun continues with Sangria Sunday – need we say more – where competing merchants hand-craft their very own recipes of tasty sangria for the most votes. If that’s not a great thing to do on a beautiful day on October afternoon, we don’t know what is. But wait, it gets better, admission to the Fiesta is free, and there will be commemorative t-shirts for sale.

Because of the Fiestal or not, Aviles Street is an adorable little old street with shops and restaurants on one end, and cute old houses on the other. It’s perfect for a lovers stroll in an old romantic city. So we suggest you find someone fun to share this romantic little street with, book a romantic room at the Inn on Charlotte, and come to the Fiesta de Aviles. Who know, you might find your very own touch of adventure - in historic St Augustine.

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