Friday, November 14, 2014

Old House's and Their Windows

Readers and friends know that we are Old House People, but did you know it’s not always easy being an old house person? After all, who else needs to know so much, about some many different things, than we, the Old House folks?  And we appreciate the architecture of our old homes. Pure, simple, architecture can be a beautiful thing.

While corbels, and shingles are the most distinctive and recognizable features, windows make or break the look of an old house.  You know it’s true. When one drives by an old house, you can tell the difference between a house with its original windows, and a house with replacements. For the most part, it can be obvious. That’s why we have always done all we can to retain original windows in our old houses.

We love the charm and character that old windows give a great old house. It’s just a given.  And whenever you can save them, by all means, save them. But the reality is, sometimes, when your surroundings pressures are beyond your control, you do consider replacing your beautiful old windows.  You consider it when power bills beat-up your wallet or the people walking by bother your sleep every night. Let’s face it, reality makes you do things. Like us, we began to think about replacing our windows when we were forced to.

But wait, now there is an alternative: indows.

A kind guest told us about indows (best tip ever), and we checked them out, it was real easy to make the decision to move forward with the project. It was easy because indows has so many helpful videos answering our every question.  Easy-queasy as the kids says. So next year, sorry, we have to save up for this project, we are updating the Inn on Charlotte Windows by adding indow windows.

We do not have a dealer in our area so they will send a kit for me to measure my windows. These kits have a laser measuring devise, and sample parts, and guides used to ensure a good fit.  We know it will not be a problem with indows, because they are pros, and with their extensive experience they will have a solution for whatever the project through at us.

Check out thses videos that show just how easy it is... Watch Videos

So stay tuned to see how the project pans out for us and the Inn on Charlotte.

Stop the noise! Stop the drafts! Keep the charming old windows! Save $ by doing it yourself!

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