Friday, February 6, 2015

Spring 2015 St Augustine

As the days grow longer and weather warms up, so do the things-to-do, and festivals in St Augustine. As you think about staying at a bed and breakfast, and coming to town for one of these fun events, be sure to plan ahead. Because in the last couple of years, the trend is that rooms fill fast in the spring, and that means right now.

Bird Watchers – birds in St Augustine? Yes, we have one of the coolest breads of coastal birds roosting in our own back yard at the Alligator Zoological Park, THE Historic Alligator Farm. With over a decade of nesting birds right here on Anastasia Island, these nesting birds sense that the tourists won’t bother them; they seem to know the people are there to only take pics; But all the raccoons, snakes, opossum, and other critters, cannot get past the hunger Alligators to disturb the nesting birds either.  So it’s no wonder this has been the breeding ground for these rare birds for over a hundred generations now. You really have to see this (and hear this) to get the full sale of it.

Celts rocking out – Yes, even the Celts like to rock-out in the springtime here in St Augustine. We have the Celtic Festival just before St Patrick’s Day, brings together the highland games, gathering of the clans, and a Celtic music festival together for the beast weekend in March.  Our guests who upgrade to the VIP passes always say it’s worth it.

Pirates – Yes, you cannot talk about St Augustine without talking Pirates. And in early March we have Searle's Raid, a re-enactment of the 17th Century pirate’s successful raid of, pillage of, and burring of St Augustine. This was the last in a long line of St Augustine sackings, and the final straw with the Spanish. It was this last successful raid on St Augustine that spurred the Spanish to build the current Castillo San Marco (The Old Fort). This fort, and thus the city, never fell to an invading force again. Something that James Oglethorpe learned the hard way in 1740. But then that’s another story on another day.

So that should get you started, it’s only the tip, there is so much more, as far as fun things to do in St Augustine in the spring of 2015. And you need to plan your visit early in order to enjoy St Augustine’s newest bed and breakfast. Get to the Inn on Charlotte dot com now, to see if there are rooms available at St Augustine’s most romantic B&B,  The Inn on Charlotte bed and breakfast.

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