Thursday, May 14, 2015

Best Sleep Quality in St Augustine?

They have been delivered and installed, indow© windows are here at Inn on Charlotte, and the sleep quality has never been better.

Yup – just like that, the Inn on Charlotte has installed indow windows in all of our guest rooms. So what are guests saying now:  “The room was so quiet” – Virginia C. Ocala, FL. “And the streets were NOT quiet last night.  We were on the front porch before going to bed, and the sounds of music and laughter was significant.” - Her husband. “We did not hear a thing; why? Was it noisy last night?”  - Carmella A. Ocala, FL.

So while indow windows will not solve all sounds (loud bikes and thumping cars) from penetrating into the room at night, our Bottom-line is: There is a significantly improved in the sleep quality at the Inn on Charlotte.  And that’s all we were asking for.

So we would not be bragging if we said, along with all the other things we do to make our guests comfortable like the best matresses and sleep machines, indow windows give the Inn on Charlotte bed and breakfast, the best sleep quality in St Augustine.

We would like to thank Terry Gilbert of Alternative Window Solutions  (904) 461-4168 and indow© windows for the solution we have been waiting for! If you are in the St Augustine area, contact him for all your window needs. Otherwise, contact indows directly here.

We only wish they made doors… 2 of our rooms have doors out to a balcony, and the noise still comes in from around the door.  But that will be another story.

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