Thursday, July 23, 2015

Boy Next Door Publishes Book

That’s right; Jerry of the Hemingway House bed and breakfast Inn here in sunny St Augustine FL has published a book by Roger Shadow.   Who in the world is Roger Shadow, you might ask? Well, he is only the guy who, back in 1958, spent the weekend with Papa Hemingway at his winter home La Finca Vigia, in San Francisco de Paula Cuba. That’s just south east of Havana for those who don’t know where the ‘other’ San Francisco is. But what else will the book teach you?

I read a copy and while it’s not that big, around 150 pages, each page is filled with insight and tidbits about the famous author and the people he knew.  For instance, you will learn who he bought the colonial style La Finca Vigia from and when. Also you will learn what Hemingway thought of prominent Hollywood stars at the time and their portrayal of Papa’s characters from his books.

But there is more, because Hemingway was in his later years when Roger met him so you learn a lot about history including wars, foreign policy, domestic policies that affected the Florida Keys and Key West in particular. But then Papa was keen on fishing, boating, loving, and living.  And Roger did not let a topic go by without delving deep into it, ringing out each topic like an old wash rag.

You too can spend the WEEKEND AT HEMINGWAY’S by buying your very own copy. If like Hemingway’s books, are intrigued by his life, and want to know more about those he knew, you will love reading this book.

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