Friday, June 17, 2016

What makes a great restaurant?

Is it the setting?  Up-high in the mountains with views of snow covered-peaks in the background, or maybe down on the water front with boats out your window? Or maybe it’s just fancy lighting and ultra-modern furniture? Or even, maybe it’s the higher the price – does that make a better restaurant?  

Well we think it’s none of that rather the freshness and quality of the food served on your table. And if you agree, then Saint Augustine just got a GREAT restaurant on Hypolita Street.   Mam Thai & Sushi Bistro opened yesterday (6/16/2016) in a building just around the corner from the Inn and we stopped by for lunch today and OMG (as the kids say) it is amazing!  You have got to give it a try.

We wanted to order everything but, since we are trying to loose weight, we limited it to about 5 dishes.  We started with Chicken Satay – moist and delish, with a great peanut butter/pepper side-sauce! Then we tried the Crispy Shrimp rolls – crispy deliciousness, with a great minced peanut/pepper side-sauce! As a gift, the owners sent out the Fresh Summer Roll with shrimp, veggies, rice noodles in a rice wrapper – another amazing side-sauce! We had to try the Sushi, so we got the Sashimi Appetizer with very fresh White fish, Tuna, and Salmon.  Triple-yum! 

Okay, now time for the main courses; Panang curry Chick – a staple in my Thai diet – and what they call Tiger Cry, grilled Flank Steak (marinated in some amazing Thai spices) with large cut veggies. Both were done to perfection and something we will order again, no doubt.  The whole menu makes you want to start all over again.  

Mam Thai & Sushi Bistro at 21 Hypolia Street in Saint 
Augustine is simply a great restaurant! We recommend it. 

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