Wednesday, August 10, 2016

After 451 year St Augustine is Beautiful

Saint Augustine is approaching its 451 first birthday in September and she could not be in better
shape.  And if you want to come stay in St Augustine, at a bed and breakfast, to see how great our old city is doing, you might want to see the free annual historical re-enactment of Menéndez' landing, or the Founding Event as we call it, this coming September 10 at the Mission Nombre de Dios (Mission Name of God).

Way back in 1565, Pedro Menendez landed here in Florida and without a great Bed & Breakfast to stay at, he began building his colony for the King of Spain. And now each September we have a large group of re-en-actors who enjoy participating in the monumental event while in full period costume. Many of the re-en-actors stay at the local B&Bs.

The location of the re-enactment, the Mission Nombre de Dios, is as vital to the story of St Augustine as anything else because the first Catholic Mass in the new world was held right here. After landing, Menendez asked that a mass be held to thank God for the safe passage, and it was very close, if not in the exact, at same spot.

So if you’re coming to stay at our B and B and looking for something fun to do in St Augustine FL this or any September, come see the free annual, historical re-enactment of Menendez' landing at the Mission Nombre de Dios.

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