Saturday, July 8, 2017

Watering Holes: One New, Another Freshened-up

Watering holes. Everyone likes them. Some are better than others but, anyone who's been to St Augustine FL knows that we have the best.  And now we have a one new one, and another that was closed for years just to renovate!  Both are now open.

A lot of Floridians have been enjoying Ancient City Brewing's (ACB) beers for a couple years now. Heck, some of us remember Mile Marker Brewing, but this is not about that. ACB has now opened a Tap Room on Cathedral Street. (For those who don't know, that's the street where the bridge of lions comes into St Augustine.)  Right in the hear of the ancient city itself.

They only serve beer, and sell ACB tee-shirts and caps but it looks great. They did a great reno on the space and it's clean and inviting.  They brew a great variety of beers that will satisfy the more discriminating connoisseur.  Check-out this place.

Then there is the old American Legion at 1 Anderson Circle (What a great address - only one building on Anderson Circle.) It was closed for what? 2 years or more?  But now it's back open with one of the best views of the Matazas Bay (Water Front) in the city.

But the bar is not what it was. If you had been there before
and felt uneasy in the old 'biker bar' that is was, you will love this high-end, up scale, new bar.  They have full liquor, cold tap & bottled beer, and now even better - it's professionally staffed! (With the likes of Melissa - formally with Barley Republic - we love and missed her!)

So when you come back to St Augustine for a romantic weekend, please consider placing these 2 new watering holes on your must-do list.

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