Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Are all Bed and Breakfasts equal? Of course not, but try this one: When is a B&B not a B&B? That's
the question we should be asking these days with all the on line options we have. Because most travelers just don't know what a REAL BnB is, they fall for a cheap price.

We were talking with some nice folks visiting St Augustine the other day and as always, we questioned where they were saying while in town. And more and more we get and excited, 'Oh! We got an Air-B&B!' But when pressed, we learn they aren't staying at an Air-B&B but rather, an Air-B. Because when asked about the Breakfasts that they get at their Air-B&B, we get a look. 'What breakfast? Pause... Oh! Right B&B means Bed and Breakfast...'

We understand the gap because most people have never stayed at a REAL BnB. So how do they know what to expect?  Many folks only see the cheep price and think it's a great deal. But it's not until after checking-in they find out that the property they booked is miles outside of town, so they have to pay to drive & park ($). There is no soap, shampoo, and body wash, let a lone a hair dryer or Iron ($). And they never see an owner, let alone another person to get recommendations, coupons, and to find the best deals in town ($). And of course they are totally on there own when it comes to breakfast ($). Does this sound like a Bed and Breakfast? We say, NOT.

St Augustine Historic Inns are all REAL BnBs. Starting with fresh cooked breakfast each morning! And all offer free parking within in the downtown walking district. Also, they have bathroom amenities, personal concierge service, some have a wine social hour, and everyone at a REAL BnB has a REAL Innkeeper.  If you have not already, please consider staying at a REAL BnB here, or your next trip. They are everywhere.

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